Level Up Your Leadership: Cultural Intelligence at Work

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Have you ever wondered why a conversation didn’t go well? 


A potential business deal turned sour?


Or your project team didn’t deliver on time? 


As a result, you are perplexed, disappointed, frustrated.


You run through a list of possible factors in your head, trying to pinpoint the precise reason for misalignment. 

You think of the usual issues: motivation, misunderstanding, conflict … and can’t quite figure out the underlying cause.

Have you ever thought it might not just be a personality or workstyle issue, but a cultural one, and that knowing how to improve your CQ – or Cultural Intelligence – can help?

You are not alone.

With our increased communication AND interdependence, it’s critical that we ALL understand the subtle differences that can derail our best efforts to lead across a diverse workforce and within our globalized world.

We’ve all experienced miscommunication at work due to differences in personalities, work styles, and communication – whether we are dealing with multicultural issues at home or cross-cultural issues abroad.
The saying, “the world is getting smaller,” is no longer true. The world IS smaller because of technology, travel, trade and migration.

The solution to better identifying challenges in your diverse workplace is developing CQ, which is a critical mindset and skillset that every leader in our global society needs.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to interpret unfamiliar or ambiguous meanings of others who have different cultural backgrounds. It’s related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is the ability to self-regulate one’s emotions and actions while simultaneously noting those of others. But CQ goes beyond that. Culturally intelligent people are able to deal with an extra layer of complexity: they are attuned to the underlying values, beliefs, and behaviors of people who are not like them, which are the result of their cultural norms. 

Culture is defined as the deeply-rooted values, beliefs, attitudes, customs, and norms that distinguish one group from another. Culture subconsciously guides our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions along with our sense of identity and belonging.

It also influences our motivation and effectiveness at work.

 As a leader, when you develop CQ, you improve your awareness and understanding of cultural differences. As a result, you are able to interact with bosses, colleagues, employees, and clients from different backgrounds more effectively.

Imagine smoother communication with your diverse work team; better relationships with clients and vendors, and greater confidence in knowing that you have the know-how – the CQ – to be the best leader you can be!

Begin your journey towards becoming a more insightful and confident leader, who can effectively deal with cultural differences in our complex workplace and world.

Companies that employ CQ leaders create high-performing organizations.

In this short course, you will:

✔️ Use the cultural iceberg metaphor to debunk the Four Culture Myths, so you won’t fall into the trap of assuming everyone is like you and thus thinks and acts the same as you do.

✔️ learn the three-step model – creating awareness, building knowledge, and developing skills – so that you can monitor how you interact with others who are culturally different.

✔️ learn how underlying values, beliefs, and attitudes guide the way people communicate, plan, and accomplish tasks.

✔️ reflect on how you, as a manager, can integrate expectations and work styles across age, ethnicity, gender, and group identity.

This self-paced course is not about learning the appropriate etiquette for giving and receiving business cards, the protocol for holding a meeting with international clients, or even learning specific customs of your counterparts. While these things are helpful, what matters is the ability to tease out the underlying issues that guide all behavior – values, beliefs, and attitudes.

This course is about leveling up your leadership capabilities to be culturally intelligent, intuitive, and competent within your diverse teams.

What Past Participants Are Saying

I have found this class most interesting as it has caused me to reflect daily on the way I interact with individuals throughout the day now and also in my prior work life. I have come to notice patterns of my own behavior, sometimes that I now feel are not the most effective for getting results and causing me to reflect on how I can make changes in my delivery and approach. Since awareness is the beginning of change, this has opened my eyes to my interactions with the multiple people I deal with daily.

Donna P., Recently retired HR leader after 37 years in a Fortune 500 company

I wanted to take a moment to "Thank You" for this class. I have absolutely loved it! With my work in Student Affairs I can relate many of your lectures to experiences I've had with students. I also believe that indirectly many of your lessons regarding international issues compliment experiences within diverse communities here in the U.S.   Even though the settings are different, it still helps to illustrate perspective and family impact. I think the clip from Grey's Anatomy is a perfect example of how this corresponds to life in America.

Michael P., College Administrator

What’s Included

Online Instruction

Five Modules of self-study content available for asynchronous learning. Go at your own pace to watch short videos (15 minutes or less) and review materials that will help you develop awareness, knowledge, and competencies.

Applicable Materials

Downloadable content (notes, exercises, and transcripts) for reflection and application to further your learning journey as an intercultural leader.

Connect with the Instructor

Open access for 3 months from date of registration along with the opportunity to engage with Elizabeth via email chats.

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The Level-Up Leadership Course is On-Demand Online. As soon as you purchase, you can jump right in!


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Here’s what you'll do at your own pace:

Specific Lessons in this Short 5-Module Course:

The Need for CQ in Business


Cultural Dimensions & Values 

Individual Cultural Identity

Culture and Perception

Strategies to Build CQ


Course Learning Outcomes:

Understand what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is and why it matters.

Distinguish the differences between functional skills and interpersonal/intercultural skills.

Understand the concept of cultural differences and commonalities.

Recognize the three-step process developing cultural competence: awareness, understanding/reflection, and skills/behavior.

Determine what are culturally responsive strategies for dealing with differences.

Apply several models to help You consciously work towards better interactions.

Level up YOUR leadership capabilities to bridge the culture gap with Cultural Intelligence.

Sign up here for immediate access:

The Level-Up Leadership Course is On-Demand Online. As soon as you purchase, you can jump right in!


Level-Up Today

Frequently Asked Questions

What Past Participants Are Saying

I have to admit I couldn't wait to start this course, so I started it as soon as I registered. This has been an excellent course. I have seen much of what is mentioned in this course in my travels all over the world. When I worked in Saudi Arabia for a year, I had to slow down, relax, chat, drink the chi (Arabic word for tea), ask how their families were, etc. before launching into the tasks at hand. Once again, not better or worse, just different. Wish I had this course then.
Roger S., Former Military Commander