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Turn cultural differences into a valuable asset


Intercultural Management | 8-Week Signature Course
Inclusive Leadership | 8-Week Interactive Course

What to Expect:

Focused Personal Attention

Your positive experience is tremendously important. This is life-changing work. Expect focused personal attention and caring support every step of the way.

Built-In Community

Each course offers weekly group coaching. Share your challenges and successes with a community of like-minded leaders motivated to learn from one another.

Assessment Made Easy

Practical assessment tools like the COI Cultural Orientations Indicator make it easy to reveal what you've learned about cultural differences and better understand yourself.

Intercultural Management:

Our 8-Week Signature Course

Enhance your multicultural management and global leadership capabilities. Over 8 weeks, you'll identify insights behind your cultural beliefs and develop the skills to more effectively communicate with a diverse workforce. 

Learn how our worldviews are invisible forces actively impacting our lives and professions along with how to effectively navigate a purposeful direction through the uncertainty. 

The COI Cultural Orientations Indicator assessment will reveal your preferences for communication and workstyle across cultures.

Our Learning Model:

Create Awareness

Build Knowledge

Develop Competencies

This 3-step process leads to attitudinal and behavioral change as you become skilled at shifting perspectives to see things from someone else’s point of view. 

A map to guide you towards a more accurate understanding of the complexity and challenges of our world, this course ensures you're equipped to manage cultural issues at home and internationally.

With these courses, you can turn cultural differences into a valuable asset.


In the Intercultural Management 8-Week Course you will: 

  • Reveal why culture matters in business and identify ethnocentric viewpoints that can impede your understanding 
  • Navigate uncomfortable differences with our proven 3-step model
  • Explore your individual cultural identity and how it applies to your interpersonal skills 
  • Understand the science behind cross-cultural management in order to examine your cultural norms and adapt your behavior 
  • Manage your verbal and non-verbal communication to engage new ways of interacting 
  • Transform your outlook by comparing and contrasting various worldviews to assess your own perceptions and move beyond stereotyping
  • Click better with colleagues and clients by examining the fascinating differences in how humans think based on cultural conditioning 
  • Create a practical action strategy to best serve you and your team
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Inclusive Leadership:

Reveal the Power of Diversity in your Organization in 8 Weeks

Embrace the power and positivity diversity brings to our daily experiences. Over 8 weeks, you’ll learn to identify the unexamined assumptions holding you back before charting a proactive way forward — deeply impacting your circle of influence in the process.

Our Learning Model:

Assess how you approach differences based on a continuum of the scientific and highly effective Intercultural Development Inventory:






In the Inclusive Leadership 8-Week Course you will: 

  • Gain practical insights into your unexamined assumptions with guidance from an ACC Certified Leadership Coach
  • Develop your self-awareness and better understand the beliefs and attitudes stemming from your individual cultural identity
  • Replace attitudes and behaviors no longer serving you with tools to think and communicate more effectively

Navigating unexamined assumptions is not a quick fix. It’s a lifetime journey that demands perseverance and determination. Meet the challenge by taking the time to identify, reflect on, and alter your attitudes and behaviors to become the leader you’re capable of being.

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Omar Mendoza, Manager, Automotive Industry (USA & Mexico)

"Understanding our differences and respecting them make us not only better managers, but better humans."

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