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Organizations today are creating more diversity within their workforce.  With this comes the pressure to ensure that individuals feel included and have a voice. In theory this should be a given.

But hiring talent from diverse backgrounds is not enough.  

With diversity comes complexity.  Complexity of values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which can lead to misunderstanding, conflict, and distrust among your employees.

Today, concerns about politics, religion, gender, age, ability, as well as race, ethnicity, and social issues are at the forefront of employees’ minds. Discord rather than harmony is created when people emphasize their perspective as others become more defensive and polarized in response.

Often, no matter how skilled a leader may be, the issues are too complex, emotional, and explosive to handle.

Your leadership team experiences relational fatigue with the stress of trying to manage their team when sticky situations arise.

It can feel like you’re walking a tight rope.

I can help.

I talk with leaders in organizations every day who are responsible for ensuring that policies, practices, and systems are less like roadblocks and more like open pathways that lead to synergy and cohesion among the company’s most valuable asset – its employees.  

Yet they are stuck, wondering why a complete overhaul is not producing the results needed.

Organizations don’t become inclusive just because there’s diversity.

That’s why I created the training program: Inclusive Leadership: Reveal the Power of Diversity in Your Organization, an 8-week online course coupled with live sessions.
This course is based on more than 20 years of experience working with leaders and executives in organizations around the world.
You need more than awareness workshops and one-off training sessions.
What you need is coaching and support to challenge your unexamined assumptions that are at the heart of creating a truly inclusive environment.

This 8-week online professional development course aims to help you:

✔️ Understand the connection between diversity, inclusion and cultural competence

✔️ Create awareness of how you approach differences

✔️ Develop deeper knowledge about yourself and others to help you navigate differences as well as commonalities

✔️ Learn a 5-stage development framework that will help you move from fear to familiarity

✔️ Identify your unexamined assumptions that get in the way of truly embracing diversity and inclusion

✔️ Improve your ability to serve as a bridge both mindfully and intentionally across differences

✔️ Provide a personal action plan to build competencies

This is accomplished through a developmental approach to assessment and personal leadership development – if we don’t work from the inside out – true change won’t occur.  This program focuses on the individual’s mindset towards dealing with difference and gets at the heart of attitudinal and behavioral change as you work side-by-side with an experienced professional coach who knows how to get results.

It’s about the hard work of inner transformation that comes about from examining who you are, how you respond to others who are different from you, and what you can do about it.

Take a Peek Inside the Course

Click here, or the video picture, to check out Module 1, Lesson 3, to get a fast take on what you can expect to experience in the upcoming  Inclusive Leadership Cohort.

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Interested in a private company cohort?

Please reach out to Elizabeth at [email protected]

What Past Participants Are Saying

 “I’m already learning so much in the first ten minutes! Why didn’t I ever think about my reaction to differences before?”
Ana C. Ph.D., Spain, Intercultural Trainer/University Lecturer

“I’m less defensive and more confident. I’ve learned to listen to someone else’s perspective and seek to understand them on their terms, rather than becoming defensive because of my terms."
Mary P. USA, Administrator

What’s Included

Online Instruction

30+ training videos 15 minutes or less. Go at your own pace each week to watch videos and review materials that will introduce you to diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

Applicable Materials

Downloadable handouts, cases, articles, worksheets, decks, audio files, and transcripts that will encourage you to reflect and apply learning to your work, your community, and your life.

Cohort Coaching

Weekly Live Chats with Elizabeth. Meet with other participants in the group to apply what you're learning and connect with others. Past participants say this is one of the best aspects of the course.

Personalize Debrief

Individual coaching session with Elizabeth. You will take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and receive a 1:1 debrief of your results as well as an Individual Development Plan to help further your learning.

Professional Community

Community Forum. Within this private, global forum, you can connect with cohort members and your instructor. Past participants say they love being able to share and post relevant resources throughout the learning journey.

Additional Coaching

You'll have continued access for three months after the completion of the course  in order to complete your Individual Action Plan. Additional coaching is highly recommended to level up your leadership development.


Replace doubt and confusion with clarity and confidence.

In just 8 weeks participants can level-up their inclusive leadership skills through this self-paced online training program that offers live support, short video lessons, coaching from your expert instructor, weekly live chats, and a community forum.

Within 8 weeks you’ll see a change in how your team members interact with each other.

Your Team will learn how to be...

✔️ More willing to listen rather than talk

✔️ Able to suspend judgment of others

✔️ Aware of who they are in terms of their own cultural identity

✔️ Curious about colleagues’ background, beliefs, and interests


Week 1

Get familiar with course

Live Chat focused on introductions

Week 2

Discuss Module 1 "What is Inclusive Leadership"

IDI Assessment codes sent to participants

Week 3

Discuss Module 2 "Monocultural Mindset"

Week 4

Catch up week

Live Chat: GROUP debrief of IDI assessment

Schedule your coaching session

Week 5

Discuss Module 3 "Transitional Mindset"




Week 6

Discuss Module 4 "Intercultural Mindset"

Week 7

Catch up week

Live Chat general discussion

Week 8

Discuss Module 5 "IDP: Individual Development Plan"


3 months open access to the course – participants are encouraged to work through their Action Plan during this time and add additional coaching

Here’s why this program is different than most Diversity and Inclusion programs:

The Intercultural Leader Institute™ takes a developmental approach to diversity and inclusion. This means that the work you start in this online course is only the beginning. There are no “quick fixes” because when it comes to diversity and inclusion, we all need to begin to identify our unexamined assumptions, which takes tough inner-work.

The foundation of this course is based upon the Intercultural Development Inventory, a scientific tool that gauges a person’s capability to shift cultural perspectives and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities.

First, you begin by understanding neuroscience and the brain and why we’re wired to react to what’s unfamiliar. Why do we judge others?  Why do we stereotype? Why is there so much mistrust and misunderstanding?

Second, you connect diversity (the “who”) and inclusion (the “mix” of people feeling valued) to intercultural competence (the “how” to make the “mix” work) which is all supported by the foundation of culture.

Third, you explore your assessment results to understand how to move from a mono-cultural mindset (which exhibits denial, defense, and polarization) to an intercultural mindset that accepts cultural complexity and is able to bridge across differences and celebrate commonalities.

Fourth, you examine your own individual cultural identity(s) in order to understand others’. Being curious about who you are, where you come from, and knowing your values, beliefs, and attitudes can help you discover the unique experiences and backgrounds of others.

Fifth, you begin to walk through your Individual Development Plan that encourages you to commit to attitudinal and behavioral change so that you can put all you’ve learned into action.

Once the course wraps up, participants are encouraged to follow through with their action plan that accompanies the profile report based on the IDI assessment. And a great way to do this is through additional coaching.

What Past Participants Are Saying

These weekly lessons just get better and deeper and cause more and more inner reflection and understanding of the conflicts I’ve had when I saw my cultural gap on the assessment. My move to the U.S. was a shock to my system because of the big divide mainly driven by politics in terms of race and personal beliefs.

Sadly, I believe that the polarization in the US media results in cognitive bias and confirmation bias, and this seems so hard to break through. Even worse, this divide seems to be increasing and I am left feeling helpless that this will never change unless the type of teaching in this course could reach everyone…”
Paul N., UK, Former CEO

But this course may not be what you're looking for.


The Intercultural Leader Institute™ takes a different approach from most DEI programs.


It’s not a specific training about equity and justice issues ... or about how to change policies, practices, and systems. 


It’s a DEVELOPMENTAL learning process that enables a person to understand how they react to cultural differences ... and then    what to do about it. 


ONLY THEN … through this tough inner work … can one effectively deal with such critical issues in today’s society on the path towards real diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.



⛔️ The emphasis is not on racial equity or social justice.

⛔️ Nor is it about ethnicity.

⛔️ Or socioeconomic status.

⛔️ Or gender identity.

⛔️ Or age, or ability, or religion.

It’s not even about nationality.






This course is based on the Intercultural Development Continuum that was created by Dr. Milton Bennett and Dr. Mitch Hammer. The IDC is a worldview framework regarding an individual’s mindset.

It’s not a skillset framework that promotes getting better at something but a mindset framework that helps us understand how we're orienting ourselves towards culture by examining shared patterns of thinking and approaching culture.

This allows for the broadest application to diversity and inclusion as it doesn’t limit us to talking only about specific kinds of differences.

The IDC allows for the individual or group to apply this framework to ANY shared idea, shared perspective, or shared behavior.

 Help your organization reveal the power of diversity by moving from inertia to action. 


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