Tango is a challenge, but worth learning - just like leading across cultures

Oct 03, 2021

One of the things I learned when taking Tango lessons in Buenos Aires is just how unpredictable the rhythms, steps, and music can be. Tango can be spirited and lively but also intense and melancholy. The leader chooses how and where to move according to the beat of the music while the follower has to be alert to the subtle movements and rhythmic nuances. It’s a beautiful yet complicated type of dance that requires attention, concentration, and intuition; and without working together by being aware of each other, the surroundings, and the music, the dancers can fumble around awkwardly and without purpose. But when the dancers understand each other, their movements flow wonderfully.

Isn’t this similar in the workplace where we try to get along with each other, whether leaders or followers? It’s hard for today’s leader to navigate sensitive conversations and interactions regarding politics, religion, race, ethnicity, and gender. All too often we feel like we’re just clumsily stepping on someone else’s toes.

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