Meaningful Work: Purpose Fuels Passion

Sep 06, 2021

In May most of the world celebrates Labor Day (International Workers Day) while the US celebrates the beginning of spring (May Day). Fast forward a few months and today – the first Monday in September – is Labor Day in the USA and we now celebrate the end of the summer.

It’s one last chance to relax before kids go back to school and before the beginning of autumn brings the first chill of winter (of course, depending on what hemisphere you’re in!). But it’s also a day to celebrate the ability to work – a time to reflect on our purpose of work and the meaning it provides for us in our daily lives. 

When I reflect on the purpose of my labor over the last 20+ years, it has represented perseverance, diligence, making a place for myself in the world, and succeeding in doing something I loved. I’ve worked hard and it was a tough journey to put myself through school, paying tuition with a sense of relief that the bill was paid, yet wondering if I’d have enough to buy groceries that month. Then the busyness of finding and taking on an academic job – preparing lessons, teaching, researching, writing journal articles or books = which all demanded excellence – I couldn’t fail. And finding ways to balance all of this with family obligations. The long hours and times of loneliness and determination to push through paid off with moments of excitement, adventure, and fun. 

Now it’s time to take my life’s passion regarding human behavior across cultures and share with others – the mistakes, the wisdom, and the knowledge of trying to make sense of human nature as we interact with each other, our environment, and the universe.

After 20 years in executive business education, I’ve founded The Intercultural Leader Institute™, an online platform of courses, coaching, and consulting for business professionals and organizations wanting to level-up their leadership capabilities when it comes to leading across cultural differences.  Such differences include diversity and inclusion issues as well as cross-border challenges that leaders face in our complex global environment.

This online learning organization will help leaders around the world create awareness, gain knowledge, practice reflection, and develop competencies for successful interaction with people who hold different cultural values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors no matter where they are in the world.

My vision is to change the world, one person at a time, starting with oneself. My mission is to empower leaders with cultural competence through online courses, coaching, community interaction, and consulting.

I’ll be blogging this week to introduce more of what is to come, but by Friday September 10th, I’ll announce the new website and you can sign up to receive freebies and updates on the first course to be offered: Inclusive Leadership: Reveal the Power of Diversity in Your Organization.

My hope is that this online platform will open up opportunities for a community of learners to engage and talk about issues that matter to us as we all seek to find purpose and meaning at work, in our communities, and around the world.



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