Make it your business to understand the impact of culture on the bottom line

Aug 01, 2021

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, boasting offices in 65 countries and territories all over the world with more than 40 million customers and 238,000 employees.  That’s a lot of cultural difference at the national, sub-group, and individual level.

Yet, HSBC doesn't leave it to chance when it comes to understanding how to navigate the challenging waters in pursuit of business around the world.  While these iconic commercials are humorous, they demonstrate how it's easy to overlook the seemingly little things that - on the surface may seem insignificant - yet below carry huge implications for how individuals and institutions perceive their world based upon their values, beliefs, and attitudes toward their world and each other.

This website - Globalbizleader - and its Intercultural Academy for Global Leadership - is about building inner awareness of self and others in the pursuit of cultural intelligence.

Through online accredited courses, individualized coaching, and organizational consulting, you can develop your global leadership skills into top-notch capabilities that will help you succeed at work, home, and abroad.  By building self- and other-awareness through a special three-step action plan, you'll get noticed and tapped for leadership opportunities you never imagined.

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