Every organization has its own culture—values and beliefs to set the tone and guide collective behavior.

This culture establishes the context for everything within it from people and products to expected outcomes and approach to innovation.


Choose what works best for you and your team.

Everyone brings their own background and belief system to their workplace. Naturally, cultural values and beliefs will differ. That’s where we can help. Level up your organization with intercultural consulting to achieve long-term attitudinal and behavioral change, impacting business for the better every step of the way.

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Make the most of your team, time, and budget with flexible solutions designed to meet your company’s specific needs, and offer your employees the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits in the process.

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Shape your company culture to be one you’re proud of.

One that honors and respects the incredible power of diversity. 


Leaders just like you include: 

James R, Senior Director of Internal Engagement

"Elizabeth opened my eyes to the wonderful aspects of managing an intercultural team, and the dynamics that one should consider in the pursuit of being a successful manager. Her leadership style, as well as her intentional ability to let a conversation "breathe", led to hearty, educational, and fruitful dialogue with my classmates in every class. Thanks Elizabeth!"

Christine G, Scientist, Germany

“I moved to the North Sea coast of Germany to work for a scientific institute and think a lot about the lessons from Elizabeth. Happy to have learned so much about the basics of intercultural communication. After working with a multicultural group of scientists, I can say the teachings are spot on! I now understand this is a lifelong process and there’s always more to learn and experience. Thank you so much for everything, Elizabeth.”